Violence Is All Around
When I was growing up in the South, my mother’s
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Fareed on Immigration
In his Washington Post op-ed column, Fareed Zakaria deals with the failed
Elon Musk and Humor
I support Elon Musk’s idea that Twitter should allow free
Money Is Still Free
Real interest rates are still negative, they are way below
Polls Are Pretty Useless
 TV news lives on polls, but I don’t think they
Founding Fathers Feared Pure Democracy
The Founding Fathers were not enthusiastic about pure democracy.  In
US Not Founded on Diversity
The Founding Fathers did not see diversity as a great
Stop Discriminating Against White Southerners
I resent the fact that Democrats revile Southerners who have
The black-white confrontation in Charlottesville will not go away.  It
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