Robert E Lee Statue
Yankees are still afraid of Robert E Lee -
Africanization of America
The death of George Floyd and the rise of the
Don’t Elect Trump
Although I have said that former President Trump should not
Don’t Put Trump in Jail
I think Trump is guilty of many things, some of
Have the “Talk”
When the Black Lives Matter movement started after the death
Federalist #10
Today’s political turmoil highlights the insightfulness of James Madison’s Federalist
Charlottesville won’t go away. Biden’s new campaign opening video, which
Economist on Immigration
 An email from the Economist magazine says the following:Earlier this
Border Crossings Down?
Most reporting says that border crossings to the US from
Criticizing George Soros Is Not Automatically Antisemitic
Trump's criticism of New York district attorney Alvin Bragg has
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