Money Is Still Free
Real interest rates are still negative, they are way below
Polls Are Pretty Useless
 TV news lives on polls, but I don’t think they
Sen. Fulbright on Vietnam
This post of an excerpt by the Abbeville Institute from
Polls Are Wprthless
 John Heilman looked like an out of touch idiot on
Infrastructure Is Reparations
There are two components to the “infrastructure” plan being debated
Lee on Slavery
 The following is from a Christmas 1856 letter that Robert
Rise of Muslims after 9/11
 Watching the analysis of the 20th anniversary of 9/11, I
Another View of Lee
The Abbeville Institute published a letter by L. Q. C.
Both the Democrats and the Republicans want to change American
1619 Was Not the Beginning of Slavery
4th of July Independence from Britain 1619 was not the
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