Have the “Talk”

When the Black Lives Matter movement started after the death of George Floyd in Minneapolis, everybody on the news, black and white, was saying that because of the way police treat blacks, black parents always have a “talk” about how to respond when approached by the police. 

It’s clear that this was, and is, not true.  Virtually every news story about mistreatment of a black person by police starts with a report that the black person, ran, resisted arrest, verbally abused the police, or engaged in some other conduct intended to prevent the police from doing their job. 

No doubt there are many black people who have obeyed the police when they were stopped, but they don’t make the news.  The ones who make the news are the ones who resist law and order. 

Although the news stories are designed by the media to show how evil the police are, to me they illustrate the opposite.  They show how violent and uncivilized many black people are.  If the police overreact, often it is because they were pushed to the limit by the continuing unlawful conduct of the people whom they were trying to arrest after being ordered to stop. 

Black parents should have the “talk” with their children that they say they have, but in fact do not have.  Black people have to obey the same laws that white people do.  They don’t get an exemption for being black, except maybe for being allowed to shoplift in Walgreens. 

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