Border Crossings Down?

Most reporting says that border crossings to the US from Mexico have decreased since the end of Title 42. This LA Times article tries to explain why. It's conclusion is that migrants are very well informed about US migration law, and have stopped crossing because they might get into trouble, whereas under Title 42, they thought there was no downside to attempting entry and claiming asylum.

I don't think the migrants are that legally sophisticated, although they might be. I find it hard to believe Venezuelans would cross hundreds of miles, including crossing the Darian Gap, and they get to the border and say, "Oh, never mind. I was too late." I think they have just gone back to crossing illegally, and not contacting US border authorities because they can no longer easily claim asylum.

With asylum, it made sense for migrants to contact officials; now it doesn't; so, they are not contacting them. It appears the numbers are down, but are they really, or are illegals just not getting counted because they are successfully avoiding border agents?

So far, US immigration policy has been a total failure and disaster. I don't think it will get better with the end of Title 42.

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