April Is Confederate History Month

The Sons of Confederate Veterans has proclaimed April as Confederate History Month. The declaration says:

Sons of Confederate Veterans

Whereas, the Confederate States of America was a mosaic of strong, vibrant cultures from all
corners of the world which made the Southern Way of Life prosperous and unique.
Whereas, the People of The Southland believed in the founding principles of the Government
their fathers and grandfathers had fought for and created.
Whereas, many people of The Southland were citizen soldiers who closed their stores, put down
their plows and answered the call of duty to defend their homes, their liberties and their way of
Whereas, the Confederate soldier served with distinction at all levels.
Whereas, the War For Southern Independence did effect every Southern family for generations
to come due to the loss of life, disease and resources.
Whereas, many of our beloved Confederate dead never returned home and are buried in mass
graves on Battlefields, graves not marked, graves marked Unknown and are known only to God
all over the Southland.
Whereas, many of our Confederate heroes returned home to a decimated land, physically and
mentally wounded and struggled after the War to raise families.
Whereas, the reasons for the War For Southern Independence were right in 1860 and are still
right to modern day.
Whereas, Confederate History Month reflects the significant contributions, sacrifices, and valor
made to the Confederate States of America by the people of its native soil.
Now, Therefore, I, R. S. Jason Boshers Commander-in-Chief of the Sons of Confederate
Veterans, proclaim April 2023 as:
Confederate History Month
Let us reflect and honor the spirit, dedication, and fearlessness of the Confederate men and
women of the Southland for their devoted patriotism to the Confederate States of America.
R. S. Jason Boshers
Sons of Confederate Veterans

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