Immigration and Voting

It appears from the various bills and campaigns that the Democrats are pushing that their goal is to bring millions of Central American immigrants to the US and have them vote for Democrats.  The Democratic effort to bring more immigrants into the US has been going on for years.

It is likely that the Democratic drive to bring Latino immigrants into the US was one of the main reasons that Donald Trump was elected President.  His first campaign speech, when he rode down the escalator at Trump Tower, was about immigration.  Trump is white trash and he knows how white trash thinks.  He knows the Democrats despise white trash and believe that destroying its political power is their road to political victory.  That’s one reason they applaud and encourage the destruction of Confederate statues.  Not all Southerners are white trash, but Democrats think they are. 

By vilifying white trash and stuffing the country with immigrant blacks and Hispanics, the Democrats elected Donald Trump.  To offset the Republican votes for Trump that they are creating, the Democrats are working overtime to get the vote for the new immigrants they have brought into the country.  The latest effort is in New York, where they have said that you do not have to be an American citizen to vote in New York elections.  They are also working to speed up naturalization requirements, working to remove any residency time or knowledge of American history requirements, especially for preferred categories, such as DACA applicants.  It’s all part of a Democratic effort to make America less white, less European, more African, more Latino, and more Democratic (the party, not the political system). 

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