Fareed on Lessons from Covid

In his Washington Post column last week Fareed Zakaria says that although the US has weathered the Covid crisis relative well, it has not learned as much from it as the US did from the 2008 financial crisis.  He says:

 Yet, during the current crisis, despite our many failures in fighting the disease, we are talking very little about reforms. Early on during the pandemic we watched as governments in many countries failed on basic public health functions, such as testing, tracing, quarantining and clear public communication. Some learned and recovered, but many have simply been saved by the early arrival of vaccines. Almost none have begun to ask how to genuinely reorganize their health-care bureaucracies, to learn from countries that got it right, and to put in place new policies, procedures and frameworks to ensure better performance during the next pandemic — which will surely come.

The divergence between the last crisis and this one has been most stark on the global level.

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