Both the Democrats and the Republicans want to change American voting laws.  The Democrats want to make it easier to vote and make it more difficult to confirm that voters are legally eligible to vote.  The Republicans want to make it easier to confirm that voters are eligible to vote without denying any eligible voter the right to vote. 

I favor the old-fashioned method of having every voter to personally to a voting booth in his precinct.  He should have picture ID which would be inspected by poll workers to make sure that he is someone on their list of registered voters.  The precincts should be small enough that they do not have to handle thousands of voters trying to vote at once, creating unwieldy lines and long waits.  Americans voted like this for hundreds of years and can keep doing so.  Black voters were discriminated against and prevented from voting, but not because they had to vote in person; it was because of other requirements imposed specifically to keep blacks from voting.  Absentee ballots should be difficult, but not impossible to get for people who really need them.  They should be return by election day. 

The Democrats want to change the laws to make it easier for more and more black people to vote, because blacks vote on only one issue – race – which means they almost all vote automatically for Democrats.  In the last election, Democrats assumed that Hispanics would vote like blacks and vote overwhelmingly Democratic, but Hispanics vote because of their views on a number of issues and do not vote as a bloc as blacks do.  Many successful Hispanics are dug into the American free enterprise system and vote relatively conservatively.  However, new immigrants like those currently flooding in from Central America predictably vote Democratic, which is why the Democrats are so eager to get them in and naturalized as quickly as possible.  If they get more power, they will certainly shorten the wait time and reduce the requirements to become American citizens who can vote. 

The states that put Biden over top in the 2020 election changed their laws to make it easer to vote shortly before the election.  Now they complain that the Republicans are changing voting laws while there is much more time to discuss them publicly.  The Republicans are in part trying to undo the changes that the Democrats made in 2020 and go back to the way we have voted for a hundred years. 

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