Election Interference

President Biden’s meeting with President Putin has brought the issue of election interference back into the spotlight.  Although this is a genuine issue, it is not as serious or one-sided as the Democrats claim it is.  Democrats are obsessed with it because they need someone to blame for Hillary Clinton’s loss to Donald Trump in the 2016 election.  They cannot accept that they lost the election because they ran a bad campaign on issues that did not appeal to the American people.  The Democrats failed to understand that there are millions of Americans who are very unhappy with the policies pursued by Democrats. 

To me, one of the main failures of the Democrats was their policy on immigration.  When I served as a US vice consul in Sao Paulo, Brazil, I felt that one of my main duties in issuing tourist or immigrant visas was to avoid giving visas to people who were going to be a drain on the United States.  Under US law, the US was open to people who could support themselves and make a contribution to the success of the country, but it was not open to people who were going to become a “public charge” by going on welfare after their arrival.  Immigrants also had to have a job or skill that would not displace an American worker.  Many of the people currently being admitted to the US will be public charges, at least for several years.  Adults will have no jobs at first.  Unaccompanied children will have no one to support them for years.  They are unskilled and the jobs they eventually get will probably not be very productive.  Many Americans support generous immigration laws, but current Democratic policies ignore the existing laws and just let people in.  If the US wants more generous immigration laws the Congress should pass them, and the administration should enforce them.  Currently there are restrictive laws and no enforcement. 

Trump recognized that the Democrats had alienated a large part of the electorate by promoting free immigration.  Economically, he wanted to reduce many restrictions on American business, such as taxes and regulations.  Hillary’s main appeal was to intellectuals on the one hand, and to Hispanics and blacks on the other.  She and the Democrats ignored the great American middle, which ended up electing Trump. 

Putin or his henchmen did not do anything that American political players have not done.  Dirty tricks are part of electoral politics.  So, would it be okay if the Republicans did the same thing to the Democrats that Putin did?  What the Russians did may have been somewhat illegal, but it was not egregious.  It was sad that so many silly Americans were influenced by it, but that’s the fault of the American education system, not Putin.  So, the main offence was “foreign” interference.  But Putin over the years he has been in power has certainly seen what he would interpret as American interference in Russian elections and in his other efforts to retain power.  We say we only want fair elections, but Putin sees it as a direct attack on his leadership.  He maintains power by undemocratic means, but he does not share Americans’ attachment to free and fair elections.  There have been very few free and fair elections in the thousand years of Russia’s existence.  We say we are spreading democracy; Putin says we are interfering in his government.  Should the CIA inspire Russian citizens to rise up and assassinate Putin, and if not, where do we draw the line on what is proper or improper in interfering in Russian politics?  He

In an ideal world, Putin would mind his own business, but this is not an ideal world.  The US is not perfect.  Black and brown Americans shout their condemnation of America from the housetops.  Putin quoted American protesters in his meeting with Biden.  In theory, American democracy is strong enough to withstand criticism from Putin and from domestic protesters.  Let’s hope that it is. 

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