A Lie about Voting

I was put off last Sunday by all the political talk shows that characterized the Liz Cheney-Donald Trump standoff as being about the “lie” about the election.  There is more to the issue than simply calling Trump a liar.  The Democrats did win the election, but only by changing the rules for voting at the last minute.  In the weeks preceding the election, key states where Biden barely defeated Trump made it much easier to vote.  They made it easier to vote by mail, to vote early, and so on.  The main result was that many more blacks voted, and voted for Biden, than they would have if the laws had not been changed. 

It is not surprising that the Democrats would cry foul about the Republicans changing the voting lows now.  The Democrats know they won because they changed the voting laws then.  The difference is not so much about a “lie” about voting as it is about a fundamentally different view of how voting should be done.  Democrats want the uneducated, the poor, the unmotivated to vote, because they know they can win those votes by promising those voters money – welfare benefits, generous unemployment insurance, stimulus checks.  One of the main reasons for Biden’s $1.9 trillion stimulus act package was to pay off the black voters who put him over the top in the election.  Of course, he had to pay a lot of white people, too, but the main target was the poor, black underclass, the George Floyds of America who voted for him.  The Democrats would be happy to have as many people vote as possible, illegal aliens someday, but today Democrats just want to get them into the US so that they can vote later, perhaps not too much later, if they can change the citizenship laws. 

Meanwhile the Republicans prefer people to vote who are more motivated.  The Democrats probably win the intellectual vote, but the Republicans do well with people with ordinary educations and skills.  The Republicans appeal to people who love America, while the Democrats tend to deride America as an evil, slave-holding country that needs to turn its back on its past and welcome new, uneducated people with no history of participating in any kind of good government.  If you are part of a civil war or a drug cartel, the Democrats want you.  Right now, the Democrats want the District of Colombia and Puerto Rico to become states, but down the line they have their eyes on Honduras, Nicaragua, and El Salvador as future US states.  For Democrats, the border between Mexico and the US will gradually disappear and citizenship in one will entitle a person to be a citizen of the other.  The United States of America will become the United States of Latin America and the old US ties to Europe will fade away.  The Aztecs and the Mayans will replace the Greeks and Romans as models of ancient civilizations. 

Democrats are looking for voting rules that promote their idea of an America that has no connection to European ideas and culture.  The Republicans want a voting system that perpetuates the European ideas embodied in the Constitution, the British common law, the English language and other cultural connections to the founders’ home country, Britain. 

There is more to the voting issue than that Biden’s victory is a “lie” or that Republicans are trying to deprive blacks of the vote.  There is no indication that the new voting laws in Georgia or other states will be applied inequitably between blacks and whites.  It is just that blacks claim they can’t vote according to the same rules that white people can.  They can’t show up at a specified time and place.  They can’t vote without help from their family, neighbors, and friends.  They can’t provide a picture ID.  If they could do these things, which white people can do, they could vote just like white people. 

So, calling questions about the election a “lie,” or stricter voting rules as “racist oppression,” is just sweeping under the carpet the issue of what kind of country people what this country to be.  The Democrats have one vision, the Republicans another.  Democrats are afraid to debate the real issue and hide behind a “lie.”

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