Biden’s Money for Drugs


There are many reasons to worry about President Biden’s huge stimulus proposal, but one I haven’t heard is that it will benefit the Mexican drug cartels.  One of the main ingredients of the proposal is to help blacks on welfare through various mechanisms.  One of the things we have learned from all the news reporting on killing of blacks by police officers is that the black community is deeply involved in drug trafficking.  Almost all of those killed were connected in some way to the drug business if only because they were using drugs when they confronted the police. 

George Floyd was high when he tried to pass a counterfeit $20 bill and had a drug dealer in his car when he was arrested, who declined to testify at Floyd’s trial by taking the 5th Amendment.  Brianna Taylor was sleeping with a drug dealer when police broke into her apartment and killed her while confronting her drug-dealer boyfriend.  Andrew Brown was killed when sheriff’s deputies were trying to serve a warrant on him for drug dealing. 

Lesson of the police shootings reported almost daily in the press is that drug use is widespread in the black community.  Thus, much of the billions or trillions of dollars that Biden is proposing to give the black community will go to drug use, to local drug dealers, but eventually to the cartel drug lords in Mexico.  Biden’s immigration policies are already big money makers for the cartels, which have branched out into providing coyotes to smuggle aliens into the US illegally.  Much of the additional “soft infrastructure” money will go for drugs and boost drug use throughout the black community.  It will be a huge boost for the drug network, enriching dealers all along the chain from users to cartel drug lords.  Money that is meant for childcare, elder care, unemployment compensation, food security, etc., will end up paying for drugs. 

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