White Supremacy

The term “white supremacy” is a racial slur, just like “nigger,” but the liberal media treat it as if it were a perfectly proper way to describe white people.  I see the term as expressing the extremist hatred and bigotry of those who use it. 

Although those who use it would say that it does not apply to all white people, that it only applies to certain white people like the Proud Boys (although the leader of the Proud Boys is not white).  In fact, it is intended to besmirch all white people.  White people who use the term may not think they are referring to themselves, but they are.  Many white people feel guilty for being born white and hate or at least dislike themselves for being white.  Jews use the term freely because they do not believe they are white.  They belong to the Jewish race.  Although they often accept the benefits of being perceived as white, they believe they are different.  They use circumcision to differentiate themselves from whites. 

Belief in white supremacy does exist, but so do many other forms of discrimination.  The Nazis believed in Aryan supremacy, a subset of white supremacy.  Jews believe that they are the children of God and other races are not.  Russia had the serfs for thousands of years.  Greeks and Romans (and Jews) had slaves during the height of their civilizations.   

Not everyone who believes in white supremacy is violent or a threat to society.  Whether it is right, wrong, socially incorrect, or even dangerous, there is nothing illegal about an idea if you do not act on it.  You are free to believe in white supremacy as long as you obey the laws relating to the treatment of individuals.  In America everyone is equal before the law, but that does not mean that everyone is an equally good athlete or speaker, or that everyone is equally strong or smart.  You are not forced by law to have a sports team of uncoordinated weaklings; you can choose good players.  But you cannot refuse to serve someone in your restaurant because he is an uncoordinated weakling. 

If you look around at the general population, the best accountants are probably going to be Jewish or white, and the best athletes are probably going to be black.  To deny generalizations like that is to close your eyes to the facts.  Liberals often do close their eyes to such facts, just as they accuse conservatives of denying other sorts of facts.  Liberals, like conservatives, tend to ignore or deny facts that do not fit into their worldview. People are different, but society can make laws to protect uncoordinated weaklings, just as it can make laws to protect black people. 

Believing in “white supremacy” is not a crime, although the liberal media would like it to be.  The liberal hatred directed at people they believe to hold this belief is enormous.  Liberals are capable of extreme hatred, just as conservatives are.  They often don’t act on it, but they have in the past, in demonstrations against the Vietnam War, for example, or more recently in some Black Lives Matter demonstrations where the whites have been more aggressive than the black participants. 

To me, the solution to the “white supremacy” issue is to avoid the issue of race altogether.  There are a lot of good white people and a lot of good black people, and there are a lot of bad people of both races.  It is a lot easier to like an individual than it is to like a whole race.  And it’s not fair to blame one individual for something that someone else of the same race did.  But if black people say, “You have to love me because I’m black,” I don’t think it’s going to work.  It is not the same thing as saying, “You should love me because I’m a good person.”  Blacks and whites need to work harder at being good people and drop the white supremacy label.  Is a white man a good person, not is he better (or worse) than a black man because he is white?  “White supremacist” is just a shorthand way to denigrate white people like “nigger” is used to denigrate black people. 

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