Biden’s Racist Election

Biden won in a racist election.  This is not to say that the election was illegal, but he won by appealing to racism.  He owes his nomination to a black man, Congressman James Cliburn of South Carolina. He chose a black Asian woman as his vice president.  He won the election the election by winning huge votes in large cities that are predominately black: Atlanta, Philadelphia, Detroit, Milwaukee.  Blacks to do not split their vote.  They vote on one issue: race.  They vote as if they still lived on a plantation.  They vote against “the [white] man” and for free government money, in the form of welfare, reparations, affirmative action, or whatever form it might take.  Biden won by appealing to base instincts, just not the same ones Trump appealed to. 

The media makes the election sound like it was perfect. In fact, ballot boxes were not stuffed; the Russians and Chinese did not hack voting machines or sway the electorate through Facebook or Twitter.  But it was nasty and not just on Trump’s side.  The Democrats were surprised the election was so close because they have such a racist outlook.  They assumed that anyone with dark skin would vote for them.  They did not understand the Hispanics and Asians do not vote on the basis of race hatred like blacks do.  Hispanics and Asians who have been successful and acculturated to American life tend to vote on economic and other issues like whites do.  The coastal elites who control the Democratic Party have absorbed the black prejudices because the blacks have long been influential in the Democratic Party, the Hispanics and Asians are relatively new and the Democratic strategy did not account for them correctly.  The black-based strategy worked, but not that well.  The fact that the polls and the liberal media were so far off base illustrated the degree of cooperation between them and the coastal elites, since they shared the same misunderstanding.  Chuck Todd, Wolf Blitzer and company are still prisoners of Hillary-Yale-Harvard think, which believes dark skinned people are inferior and need help, although they would never say so out loud. 


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