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Joe Biden is saying all the right things since the election.  Unlike Trump, he has tried to soothe the national psyche by calling for calm and patience.  His decency is a welcome change from Trump’s vulgarity.  I believe he did win the election and should be inaugurated as the next President of the US. 

That said, however, this was not a good election.  The polls all predicted a “blue wave” and an easy election for Biden.  That did not happen.  Boden barely squeaked by.  The way the media hyped the incorrect polls indicates there was something rotten behind the media support for Biden.  The cities which put him over the top were all cities with large black populations known for political corruption.  There may not have been any, but the appearance is bad.  Atlanta, Philadelphia, Detroit, and Milwaukee were the key cities where the black vote put him over the top. 

The black votes in these black cities were clearly racist.  While whites and Asians vote on a number of issues – economics, education, taxes, social issues, etc. – blacks vote on only one issue – race.  As a result, the black vote is monolithic.  Something like 90% off all blacks vote Democratic.  They don’t care if the schools are good, only if they are integrated.  They don’t care about the economy as long as they get their welfare. 

I’m not sure anything illegal happened to sway the election but it looks bad.  The black vote in the black cities was the last to come in.  Courts in those states ruled that voting on election day was too complicated and that blacks couldn’t manage it; they needed extra time to vote.  So, they counted ballots that arrived long after election day, although in theory they were turned in by election day.  In fact, because of all the special provisions, who knows exactly what happened?  The courts made it easier to commit voter fraud, whether fraud was actually committed is another question. 

The 2000 election showed that all this moralizing about every vote should count is ridiculous.  Most votes are counted, and some votes may be counted several times, but the election gives a general indication of what the voters want, and as long as the election is not too close, the voters get what they actually voted for.  If the vote is really close in places where there are more than a few thousand votes, it would be just a fair and accurate to flip a coin to choose the winner.  George W. Bush was not elected by the American people, he was chosen by the Supreme Court.  Al Gore did the right thing and conceded because he was an American patriot who ended the election nightmare, not because he was actually defeated at the polls.  Who knew that Gore was ceding to a man who would fail to protect America from foreign invasion and start a war that has lasted 20 years with not discernable benefit to the US. 

Hopefully, Joe Biden will be a better President than George W. Bush and Donald J. Trump were. 

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