A Plague on Both Your Houses

Neither of the presidential candidates is appealing to me.  Trump is boorish, uncouth, impolite, mean and stupid.  He has been a policy disaster on virtually every issue from foreign affairs to health policy.  He has been good for business, but only by creating a mountain of debt for future generations to pay off.  He has created an enormous welfare program for the rich.  He did not make America great again; he made it worse.  In particular he failed miserably to get control of the immigration influx which was his main campaign pledge.  As a result, the US has become the United States of Latin America. 

Biden appears weak, but mainly he is a Democrat, a hostage to the Democratic Party’s ideology.  My main objection to the Democratic Party is that it hates Southern white men like me.  The Democratic Party is racist, and the race it hates is mine.  Hillary Clinton summed up the Democratic Party’s position when she called many of Trump’s supporters a “basket of deplorables” characterized by “racist, sexist, homophobic, xenophobic, Islamophobic” views.  When Hillary was first lady of Arkansas, she clearly despised the people of Arkansas because they were not East Coast liberal intellectuals.  Now, in addition to the Hillary wing, the Democratic Party has the Bernie Sanders wing of young progressives who wish to give the most generous welfare benefits to every minority, paid for by what is left of the old white majority.  Biden has been a relative moderate on these issues, but he is captive to the leadership of the Party.  He doesn’t have the personal character or the political power to stand up to them. 

Two of the most appealing political figures to me at the moment are Chris Christie and Michael Bloomberg.  Bloomberg has lost my support by coming out whole-heartedly for the Democratic Party, thus putting him in the same category as Biden.  He is less weak than Biden, and I think he would be a good chief executive.  His current support for the Democrats is due mainly to his desire to get Trump out of the White House, but he is still too wedded to the Democratic Party. 

At first I was disappointed that Trump did not make Christie part of his administration.  Now, it is a big plus for Christie that he has not been part of the dumpster fire that is the Trump presidency.  I don’t really know where Christie stands politically, but after Trump I don’t care that much as long as he has not gone crazy on social issues, like race, sex, etc.  I think he is a reasonable man.  I would expect him to be left of me on hot social issues, but not as far left as Biden. 

At the moment, the choice between Biden and Trump seems to me like a choice between Stalin and Trotsky or between Hitler and Rosa Luxemburg.  I choose none of the above.  The political parties have failed America.  They did so four years ago in nominating Trump and Hillary.  Now, they are doing it again.  Thus, I am leaning toward writing in Chris Christie as my vote for President. 


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