Hearing Foreign Info about Political Opponents

I have heard enough criticism of Trump for saying he would listen if a foreign government representative said they had deleterious information about his political opponent.  What gets lost in demanded that he should not listen to it, is freedom of speech and the truth.  I think a politician should be able to talk to anyone he wants to. He should not be placed in a cage by the FBI and told whom he can talk to and whom he cannot talk to.  And what if a foreign government has seriously damaging information about a politician?  What if Putin wanted to tall Trump that when Hillary was Secretary of State, she used to tell him highly classified information about how the CIA was collecting intelligence on him.  Shouldn’t Trump be allowed to hear this, or would Hillary be safe forever because Putin was not allowed to speak of it to Trump.  To the Democrats, truth is unimportant; only the process is important. 

The Democratic Party’s position on talking to foreign people about politics is opposed to free speech and opposed to learning the truth. 

In order to operate in the world today, you need to talk to foreigners.  Yet the Democratic Party would prohibit Americans from talking to foreigners.  It’s a bad, bad policy.  It’s ironic that the Democratic policy is not “America first,” but “America only.”   If you talk to someone who is not an American citizen, how do you know that he might not causally mention something nasty about your political opponent, while making conversation?  Even if you talk only to Americans, there is the risk that a foreign government will hire an American to say something nasty about your opponent.  Foreign governments routinely hire American lobbyists. 

Even the strictest interpretation of the law seems to require that whatever you get has to have monetary value.  It’s not clear that political scuttlebutt would have real value to which you could assign a dollar amount.  The law is clearly meant to bar foreign political contributions, not conversations.  And what about foreign lobbies.  Under the Democratic interpretation, AIPAC should be disbanded as a prohibited organization. 

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