Democratic Party Has Become Racist

The Democratic Party has become biased against white men.  When Joe Biden, who is a white man, announced his candidacy for President, he did it by attacking the white me who took part in the Charlottesville demonstrations.  He was trying to say, “I’m not this kind of white man; I’m a good white man.”  The very fact that he had to start out his campaign by distancing himself from other white men indicates the disfavor with which white men are regarding in the Democratic Party.  It explains why so many of the the 20-plus Democratic candidates for President are women, non-white, gay, or Jewish.  They are:

Bennet – Jewish
Biden – White
Booker – Black
Bullock – White
Butigieg – Gay
Castro – Hispanic
De Blasio – White (married to black woman)
Delany – White
Gabbard – Woman
Gillibrand – Woman
Harris – Black Woman
Hickenlooper – White
Inslee – White
Klobuchar – Woman
Messam – Black
Moulton – White
O’Rourke – White (tries to appear Hispanic)
Ryan – White
Sanders – Jewish
Swalwell – White
Warren – Woman
Williamson – Woman
Yang – Asian

Less than half of those running as Democrats are white men.  Fifty years ago, it would have been 100% white men of Western European descent.  You can argue that the diversity shows lack of racism, but on the other hand, the insistence on diversity is evidence of racism.  While the bulk of the Democrats in the House and the Senate are white men, there are fewer and fewer of them. 

Of the 239 Democrats in the House, 91 are women, 54 are African-American, 37 are Hispanic, 25 are Jewish.  Many of the Democratic Representatives may belong ot more than one group. 

Of the 45 Democratic Senators, 25 are women, 2 are African-American, 2 are Hispanic, 9 are Jewish. Again, Senators may belong to more than one group. 

On the Republican side, in the House, of the 199 Republicans, 15 are women, 1 is African-American, 8 are Histpanic, 2 are Jewish. 

In the Senate, of the 53 Republicans, 8 are women, 1 is African-American, 3 are Hispanic, none are Jewish. 

The Democrats are trying to bring in Central Americans by the trainload and the busload.  They say it is just because these people have terrible lives in their home countries and are looking for a better life.  But the Democrats are motivated by more than sympathy.  Their plan is to fill the US with brown and black people who will vote Democratic, mainly because the Democrats will offer them welfare.  For now the Democrats are not pushing for these immigrants to vote, but as soon as they have power – say with a Democratic House, Senate and President – they will start to press to give new immigrants the vote expeditiously.  This is the Democratic plan to put the Democrats in power permanently.  Blacks vote in a block for Democrats – 80 or 90%, or more.  Hispanics are not so homogenous, but they still vote overwhelmingly for Democrats. 

Democrats do deservedly have the reputation as the party of the poor, but they have another agenda behind their embrace of new immigrants: to make the Democratic Party the ruling party in the US for the indefinite future.  The Republicans are justified in questioning the need to bring in so many immigrants so quickly, who are coming here not because they love the US, but because they hate their home countries.  We run the risk that if things don’t go well for them, they will hate the US in the future like they hate their home countries now. 

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