Manafort on Election Polling
A New York Times article,  “Russian Spy or Hustling Political Operative? The Enigmatic Figure at the Heart of Mueller’s Inquiry” contains almost no information about the issue it is supposed to deal with: The Trump campaign passing treasonous information to Russian intelligence officers.  There is no doubt that Manafort is a bad man who sold his political expertise to some bad people in Ukraine.  After lots of useless background criticizing Manafort and Kilimnik, the article finally gets to the point of what the Trump campaign disclosed: 

Around the time of Mr. Kilimnik’s trip to the United States in spring 2016, Mr. Manafort directed Mr. Gates to transfer some polling data to Mr. Kilimnik, including public polling and some developed by a private polling company working for the campaign, according to a person with knowledge of the arrangement.

Mr. Manafort asked Mr. Gates to tell Mr. Kilimnik to pass the data to Mr. Lyovochkin and Mr. Akhmetov, the person said. Representatives for both Mr. Lyovochkin and Mr. Akhmetov said they neither requested nor received the data, and would have had no use for it.

Mr. Mueller’s team has focused on what appears to have been another discussion about polling data in New York on Aug. 2, 2016. A partly redacted court transcript suggests that Mr. Gates, who entered a plea agreement with the special counsel that requires his cooperation, may have told prosecutors that Mr. Manafort had walked Mr. Kilimnik through detailed polling data at a meeting that day in the cigar lounge of the Grand Havana Room in Manhattan.

By these standards, John King of CNN could be convicted of whatever Manafort is supposed to be convicted of.  Sharing of polling data does not appear to me to be a crime, whether shared with a Russian or anybody else.  This whole thing appears to be based in part on Jewish racial prejudices against Russians. Jews were discriminated against in Russia for a thousand years, and are now getting their revenge.  The Jewish family that owns the New York Times, the Sulzbergers, is moderate, but they and the Jews they employ can’t help but be prejudiced by their Jewish history.  The same is true for Adam Schiff and the other Jews in Congress. 

Even the meeting in Trump Tower that Democrats characterize as being the most treasonous, between Trump Junior and Russian lawyer Natalia Veselnitskaya, was also about a Jewish issue, the Magnitsky Act.  The Magnitsky Act was pushed through Congress by Jewish investor Bill Broder, who made billions investing in undervalued Russian assets until he got crossed up with the Russian government.  The Magnitsky Act to some extent replaced the Jackson-Vanik amendment, which had helped millions of Jews escape the Soviet Union, but which became illegal under new WTO rules.

Who knows what tomorrow’s Congressional testimony by Michael Cohen before the Senate Intelligence Committee will bring, but a Jewish Committee Chairman, Adam Schiff, will be questioning a Jewish witness, Michael Cohen, who also has many ties to the Ukrainian Jewish community. It will be a Jewish show. 

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