New York Review Article on Jewish Communism
The article on "The Fake Threat of Jewish Communism" in the New York Review of books indicates that the threat is fake, as the title states, but it also confirms that this is a big, continuing issue, one that has been debated in the U.S. for over one hundred years.  Henry Ford was very concerned about this issue in the 1920s in his articles about Judaism, collected in "The International Jew."  Ford was writing shortly after the Russian revolution, while there were widespread concerns that Bolshevism would spread to Western Europe and possibly to the U.S. 

Russian Communism has failed, and Putin has become the new Czar.  As a result, Jews have taken up a new anti-Russian campaign in the U.S.  This has mainly taken the form of Jewish attacks on Trump for his ties to Russia during the 2016 election.  The Jewish hatred of ethnic, Christian Russians has morphed into a campaign to impeach Trump for openly praising Putin and Russia.  The campaign has been joined by Jewish politicians and Jewish media.  According to Wikipedia there are eight Jews in the Senate, plus Michael Bennett, whose mother was a Holocaust survivor.  Wikipedia says 8.4% of the US. House is Jewish.  The Pew Research Center says there are 34 Jews in the House.  Of these, however, four are chairmen of important committees that have made a point of attacking President Trump. 

Adam Schiff, the Chairman of the House Intelligence Committee has been particularly outspoken in his criticism of President Trump.  Tom Steyer, the billionaire, is half Jewish and is leading the independent crusade to impeach Trump.  

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