Brooks and Applebaum on Immigration
David Brooks' November 15 NYT column, "The Rise of the Resentniks" referred to an article by Anne Applebaum in The Atlantic, "A Warning from Europe: The Worst Is Yet to Come."  I like David Brooks, but it irks me that almost every book or article he recommends is by a Jewish author, which Anne Applebaum is. 

I found two strands running through Applebaum's article that I find Jewish and that I disagree with, at least in part: that diversity is an important element of any society, and that society's benefits should be distributed using a system of meritocracy.  Both of these ideas tend to favor outsiders over natives of a country, and Jews make themselves outsiders in almost every country they live in, except Israel.  Making diversity important immediately implies discriminating against the native population, which by definition is not diverse.  Making all decisions based on meritocracy again discriminates against the native population, which is necessarily much smaller than the entire population of the world.  There will by the simple law of numbers be people outside the country who are smarter, stronger, better looking, than many of the people in the native population, thus leading to the eventual subjugation and destruction of the native population. 

After World War I, the Jews made a strong effort to subjugate the ethnic German population of Germany.  You can still see traces of this in current efforts to restore art taken from Jews during World War II.  How was it that almost all of the great art in Germany was owned by Jews?  Because they had become so enormously wealthy in comparison to ethnic Germans, who needed a wheelbarrow full of cash to buy a loaf of bread.  It was a predecessor to the huge inequality of wealth that we are currently experiencing in the US.  Of course, we all know that the Germans rose up against the Jewish oppression.  Violence is not the way the equalize economic inequality, but if the state refuses to, or is unable to, act, as in the Weimar Republic, then bad things may happen.  Some Jews may recognize the problem.  Michael Bloomberg has an op-ed in today's NYT, "Why I'm Giving $1.8 Billion for College Financial Aid."  Of course, implicit in this gift is the possibility that better-educated blacks and Hispanics will help Jews subjugate the white, Anglo race and remove whites from power in America.  It empowers the Jewish priorities of diversity and meritocracy.  A college admission policy that gave priority to children of alumni or donors would tend to strengthen the native-born population.    

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