Trump Tower Russia Meeting
The media is making a big deal of Michael Cohen's claim that Donald Trump had advance notice of the Don Junior's meeting with the Russian lawyer, Natalia Veselnitskaya.   The media talk about this meeting as if it was treasonous.  I don't think it was even improper.  What if the Russians were going to tell Trump that Hillary had given classified information to a Russian spy?  Wouldn't it make sense to see what the Russians were going to say?  If the Russians were going to offer $1 million to the Trump campaign, the Trumps could have refused it.  I don't see what's wrong with listening to what the Russians had to say as long as the Trumps did not act on any illegal proposals. 

The media's efforts to portray this meeting as treasonous are just part of the Democratic Party's effort to invalidate the election and remove Trump from the Presidency.  If it's not an illegal meeting, then it doesn't matter whether Trump had advance notice of it or not, even if he has denied he knew about it beforehand.  Therefore, Cohen's claim is irrelevant.  It just gives the press an opportunity to bring up the meeting again and slander Trump's connection to it.  It's another illustration of how partisan the press is whether it's "fake news" or not. 

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