Jewish Holocaust Worries

Following up on  my last post about how Jews refused to be counted as Jews by any non-Jewish organization, I understand why Jews may be worried.  Nazi Germany made Jews wear stars of David to identify themselves.  They certainly don't want to go through that again, with good reason.  However, if they are so worried about being identified as Jews, they should shut up about calling everybody else "anti-Semitic."  You can't object to other people classifying you as Semitic, if you yourself classified yourself as Semitic.  In addition, Jews are among the worst at classifying and criticizing other racial groups, in particular Southern white men.  If Southern white men are fair game for Jews, then Jews should be fair game for Southern white men.  Better would be to get off this racist kick altogether. 

I'm sure, people will say, "What about Charlottesville, with white men chanting, 'Jews will not replace us'?"  My answer is that the Jews and the blacks started the problem by proposing to tear down the Confederate monuments.  Charlottesville mayor Signer was Jewish, and the police chief, who should have maintained order, was black.  Basically, the Jews and blacks said to the whites, "We hate your white ancestors."  The white men did not initiate the hatred, although they did react to it. 

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