Jews on Sunday Morning Talk Shows
Once again Jews played a leading role on Sunday morning news talk shows.  On “Meet the Press,” Chuck Todd (Jewish), had as commentators David Brooks (Jewish), Danielle Pletka (Jewish),  Mark Leibovich (probably Jewish), and Joy Reid (non-Jewish black woman).  Todd’s main guest was Michael Wolff (Jewish), but he also interviewed Lindsey Graham (not Jewish).  It was mostly Jews, and they all viciously attacked President Trump, except for Sen. Graham.  Of course, Todd is just doing the bidding of his Jewish bosses, Comcast CEO Brian Roberts, and president of NBC News, Noah Oppenheim.  

Meanwhile, on his CNN program, “The Global Public Square” Fareed Zakaria had a panel discussing international affairs that was all Jewish -- Richard Haass, Jane Harmon, and Dan Senor.  Of course, Fareed himself is not Jewish; he is a Muslim from India.  This GPS panel was more moderate and informative than Todd’s MTP panel.  

Fox’s Sunday show with Chris Wallace was considerably less Jewish, including both the guests and the commentators.  CIA Director Pompeo staunchly defended Trump in the face of some pretty strong questioning by Wallace.  

On CNN’s “State of the Union” Jake Tapper’s interview with White House staffer Stephen Miller went off the rails despite the fact that both Tapper and Miller are Jewish.  Miller spent most of his time criticizing CNN;s anti-Trump bias and defending Trump rather than answering Tapper’s questions.  Miller was followed by Democratic Congressman Adam Schiff, also Jewish.  Schiff and Tapper pretty much agreed that Trump has mental problems as described in the new Wolff “Fire and Fury” book.  Schiff also criticized the FBI investigation of Hillary Clinton, while Tapper suggested the investigation might be legitimate.  As commentators, Tapper had David Axelrod (Jewish) and Mark McKinnon (probably not Jewish).  The larger panel Tapper had on later did not have any Jewish members.  

ABC’s “This Week” did not feature too many Jews, although ABC legal analyst Dan Abrams is presumably Jewish.  Interviewee Sen. Bernie Sanders is Jewish, but an ethnic Jew who usually does not side with establishment views like those of the Jews on the other shows.  

On CNN’s “Reliable Sources” Carl Bernstein (Jewish) was an outspoken critic of Trump and defender of the “Fire and Fury” book, particularly questioning Trump’s mental wellness.  The difference between the highly critical Bernstein and his former partner Woodward, who is much more moderate, is notable.  

It appears to me that the “Fire and Fury” book by an unprofessional Jewish tabloid author opens the door for more professional Jewish journalists to criticize Trump as mentally unfit to be President.  I don’t think it was planned, but it grows out of a widespread Jewish hatred and contempt for Trump. Because there are so many Jews in the media, the book serves as the seed that creates a racist snowball of criticism.  

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