Leonhardt on Jewish Advisers
David Leonhardt called on Gary Cohn and Steven Mnuchin to stand up and oppose Trump’s tax plan in his NYT article “Cohn and Mnuchin Risk Reputations.”  The article illustrates the Jewish opposition to Trump.  I don’t know if Leonhardt is Jewish, but he is very sympathetic to the NYT’s devotion to Jewish issues and viewpoints.  Establishment Jews are of two minds; they hate Trump, but they want their own Jews in the corridors of power.  Jared Kushner is not reliable as a Jew because he is too close personally to Trump.  Steve Miller is a Jewish insider in the Trump administration, but he is not part of the Jewish establishment.  There are establishment Jews who want Cohn and Mnuchin to leave because, as Leonhardt’s column states, they are in danger of embarrassing themselves (and their Jewish brethren) by associating themselves with Trump’s administration and his comments on Charlottesville and other anti-Semitic issues.  On the other hand, Jews want to influence Trump to the extent that they can.  

Cohn and Mnuchin find themselves in a tough position.  Their Jewish supporters want them to leave and stay,  Leonhardt tells themthat  if they stay, they must stand up against Trump.  Leonhardt’s model is Defense Secretary Mattis.  The problem is that Trump has a higher opinion of Mattis than he does of Cohn and Mnuchin, making it less likely that they can emulate Mattis.  

In any case Leonhardt’s article illustrates the NYT’s and Jew’s obsession with the two main establishment Jews in the Trump administration.  

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