American Jews Are Driving America’s Wars
I am surprised to find so many serious articles claiming that America’s Jews are driving America’s wars.  It started out when I found a tweet by by former CIA agent Valerie Plame favorably citing an article with that subject by Philip Giraldi, also a former CIA agent.  From that I found a Mother Jones article listing many people who were movers and shakers of American policy toward Israel.  Most of them I recognized as Jewish, but I was not sure about Danielle Pletka, who seems to have something of a second life on TV, appearing frequently on “Meet the Press.”  I then found this article in Israel Behind the News which says she is Jewish and has strong views on US policy toward Israel.  Surprisingly, none of these mention Richard Haass, the president of the Council on Foreign Relations, who is also Jewish, and who is on TV constantly, starting with “Morning Joe” first thing in the morning.  

These articles make me wonder whether American Jews are loyal to America first or Israel first.  Of course, Jewish political doctrine is not monolithic, but given the relatively small size and the homogeneity of the Jewish population, it is probably more uniform that among larger ethnic groups.  American may be experiencing a hostile takeover by Jews.  There is nothing illegal about this, as long as it is done without violating any laws (like insider trading or illegal political contributions).  But most Americans may not be aware that it is happening.  

About half of the richest 10 or 20 Americans are Jewish.  Google, Facebook, The New York Times, most TV networks, particularly CNN, are controlled by Jews. Jews, led by Chuck Schumer, are a powerful bloc in the Senate.  Jews are less powerful in the House, but Adam Schiff, a Jew, has been the most outspoken and widely televised House member attacking Trump about the Russian investigation.  

Jews were extremely powerful behind the scenes in support of Hillary Clinton.  Her defeat was an uncharacteristic failure for them.  As a result, they are leaders in the subsequent attack on Trump, either to remove him from office, or render him powerless.  Because of the huge number of Jewish lawyers and judges, they see the legal system as a principal means of attacking him.  The need to exert Jewish power in the White House is one reason that the status of Gary Cohn has become so important.  Trump’s son-in-law Jared Kushner is Jewish, but he’s still a kid by Washington standards.  Gary Cohn is rich and powerful enough in his own right to smack Trump in the face with a two-by-four if Jews believe it is necessary.  Treasury Secretary Mnuchin does not have the heft of Cohn.  Of course Trump’s young flamethrower of an adviser, Stephen Miller, is also Jewish.  There are probably others as well.  

The disturbing theme of the articles cited above is that these powerful Jews are using America’s power to further Jewish interests.  America’s and Israel’s interests may converge on many issues, but not on all.  I fear that it is Jewish political power than has drawn the US into the protracted conflict in the Middle East.  In essence gentile Americans are killing Arabs to advance Israel’s interests.  Of course, Osama bin Laden attacked the US, but he did it mainly because he saw the US and Israel as joined at the hip.  He was mad because Israelis were killing Palestinians with weapons supplied by the US.  The US and Israel were one enemy.  After 9/11, we could have gone into Afghanistan, destroyed his operations there, and left.  But we are still there 16 years later.  There was no reason to attack Iraq based on the 9/11 attacks, but we did anyway.  The Iraq war was ginned up mainly by Jews -- Wolfowitz, Feith, Libby, etc.  Did we attack Iraq because it was in America’s interest, or Israel’s?  The argument in the above articles is that now it is mainly Jews who are pushing for war with Iran.  Conservative Republicans support various levels of effort against Iran, but would they be as enthusiastic if the Jewish controlled press did not discuss this issue daily.  Many liberal Jews support maintaining the nuclear agreement with Iran, but Israel is strongly opposed to it.  I believe that Israel is safer with the nuclear agreement in place than without it.  Some Jews may also view the nuclear agreement as beneficial to Israel.  

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