Jewish Student Population at Elite Universities
In a study of race at top colleges, the New York Times failed to examine how Jews are represented in these colleges, “Even with Affirmative Action, Blacks and Hispanics Are More Underrepresented at Top Colleges than 35 Years Ago.” .  The study only breaks out blacks, Hispanics, whites and Asians.  Jews do not consider themselves “white,” otherwise all their complaints about anti-Semitism would be meaningless.  Semitic refers to language, i.e., Hebrew, rather than to race, but Jews use it as shorthand for race.  Arabic is also a Semitic language; so, if they did not mean for anti-Semitism to refer to discrimination against Jews only, Jews themselves would be anti-Semitic because of their discrimination against Palestinians and other Arabs.  Palestinians are kept in ghettos in Israel, just as Jews were in Europe before World War II.  

Jews also try to emphasize the confusion between whether being Jewish refers to race or to religion.  Clearly it refers to both, but clearly there is a Jewish ethnicity separate from race.  An ethnic Jew who becomes a Christian, a Muslim, or an atheist remains an ethnic Jew.  Whether being Jewish means being a separate race from whites may be debatable, but it is clearly an identifiable ethnicity, such as white Hispanic or Slavic.  

I believe that Jews are overrepresented in elite universities, but they hide this fact by refusing to be distinguished from “whites.”  The result is that non-Jewish whites constitute a smaller percentage of students than most statistics indicate.  The Jerusalem Post reported in 2015 that 27 percent of Yale’s undergraduate student body is Jewish, 1,500 out of 5,477.  This figure is apparently based on information from Hillel, a religious organization, and thus may underreport non-religious, ethnic Jews at Yale.  Yale itself reports that 72 percent of its students are “white” but provides no separate data on Jewish enrollment.  Thus, it appears that non-Jewish whites make up only about 50 percent of the Yale students, lower than their share of the US population, while Jews, which reportedly make up only 2 or 3 percent of the population are hugely overrepresented.  The New York Times article did not examine this issue at all, by omitting any discussion of Jewish enrollment.  

My objection to this article is that it purposely ignores an important racial issue, while claiming to be about racial discrimination.  Pointing out the problems of blacks and Hispanics is legitimate, but it’s likely that buried in the numbers is discrimination against non-Jewish whites in favor of Jewish whites.  Therefore an interesting study would be comparing Jews (overrepresented) and Asians (underrepresented).  I suspect that part of the problem is the strongly pro-Jewish bias of the New York Times, but it is also due to the widespread Jewish practice of screaming “anti-Semitism” when anybody mentions the word “Jew.”  The Jews have intimidated everybody.  In addition, the faculties of elite universities are heavily populated by Jewish professors, who tend to play down the Jewishness of their institutions; however, it is hard to find data because Jewish faculty members are usually just reported as “white.”

Interestingly, the Jerusalem Post says that the university with greatest total number of Jewish students is the University of Florida, with 6,500 Jewish students.  

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