Democrats Running for President in 2020 Depend on Jews
An article in today’s New York Times about Democrats running for President in 2020, “Long List of Top Democrats,”  illustrates how heavily such candidates rely on rich Jews.  The article mentions Marc Lasry, Howard Kessler, Albert Dwoskin, Guy Saperstein, and Michael Kives.  These are only some of the people mentioned as donors and the only ones I could find directly linked to some Jewish organization.  There were only one or two others mentioned in the article who may not have been Jewish.  

No doubt there are many liberal gentiles who contribute to the Democratic Party, but they didn’t get mentioned in the article about potential candidates.  I think the article accurately reflects the major role being played by wealthy Jews in controlling the Democratic Party.  

Most of the media, except for the Murdoch empire, is controlled by Jews.  It, like the Jewish donors listed above, strongly supported Hillary Clinton, and will strongly support whoever emerges as her successor in the Party.  The media is also strongly critical of Trump, as he frequently points out.  He is wise to call it the media, rather than the Jews.  Otherwise he would be pilloried as an anti-Semite even more than he already is.  

The two prominent Jews in his administration, Gary Cohn and Steven Mnuchin, are the focus of attention, and under pressure from both sides of the political powers that be -- Jews that want them to stay and Jews who want them to go.  They are both billionaires who are working to cut taxes on the rich, their Jewish billionaire buddies.  Of course a lot of rich gentiles will benefit, too, but many of them, like Warren Buffett, object to cutting taxes.   

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