Gary Cohn and the Jewish Power behind the Throne
The furor in the media, particularly the financial media, over whether Gary Cohn will stay on in the White House after Trump’s Charlottesville speech illustrates the power of Jews in America, particularly in the financial system.  The clearest example of the importance of his Jewishness is probably illustrated in the Financial Times article by Gillian Tett.  The article says:

Mr Cohn, a Jewish-American who was president of Goldman Sachs before becoming head of the White House national economic council, told the Financial Times he faced “enormous pressure” to quit after the uproar over Mr Trump’s reaction to the clashes in the Virginia university city that left one woman dead.

The Financial Times is only the latest.  The TV financial news shows, CNBC and Bloomberg, have been talking nonstop about Cohn for days.  The underlying implication is that Jews are so important to the US financial industry, that if Mr. Cohn quits the White House, the stock market will crash.  

I see Mr. Cohn as being caught between two Jewish currents.  He is under pressure from Jews concerned about the religious and ethnic implications of Charlottesville, who want him to leave to show his displeasure with Trump over Charlottesville.  On the other side, he is under pressure from Jews in the financial industry to stay in the White House and work for their interests, reducing taxes, regulations, etc.  For the moment, Mr. Cohn has decided to go with the money, and stay in the White House, but this will be an ongoing battle between two wings of Judaism.  In any case, it shows that Jews are perceived as extremely important and influential in the financial community, if not absolutely controlling it.  

It’s interesting that Fed Chair Janet Yellen came out in favor of strict banking regulation at its annual meeting in Jackson Hole.  Furthermore the regulations she was defending, the Dodd-Frank Act, was drafted in large part by a Jew, Barney Frank.  This kind of a split is not unusual for Jews.  The big money Jews largely backed Hillary Clinton in the last election, but her main primary opponent was Bernie Sanders, a Jew who supports helping the downtrodden, and who strongly opposed the moneyed interests who supported Hillary.  But wherever you look, there are Jews shaping what America will become.   

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