Democrats Started the War over Statues
Most Confederate statues have been in place for one hundred years or more.  They were put in place around the turn of the nineteenth century as the Confederate veterans died, and their friends and relatives wanted to remember them.  Some may have been built from racist motivations, as hatemongers like Jon Meacham claim, but most were built out of love and respect for a generation of Civil War veterans that was fast dying out. Those who built the statues saw their heroes, not as evil racists, but as honorable men who had fought bravely for a losing cause, representing the highest ideals of military manhood.  

Most of these statues had stood as memorials to honorable men for about a century, when suddenly the Democrats stirred up their black, Hispanic, and gay supporters to protest them.  The statues did not change; the attitudes changed.  The men did not become dishonorable; they were portrayed as dishonorable by politicians and news media who wanted to stir up those populations for political gain.  This is not some noble outcry against the monuments; it is racist, political hatred stirred up to undermine the any remaining political and economic power of ordinary, white, middle-class Americans.   These are the people who elected Trump, and the Democrats will do anything to destroy them.  

It is political and economic warfare, begun by the Democrats.  Where it will lead is not clear.  Religious and race hatreds often take on a life of their own, as we saw during the riots in America in the 1960s, and as we currently witness in the Middle East.  The failure to elect Hillary Clinton was an unthinkable disaster for the Democratic Party, and its supporters, many of whom are Jews, blacks and Hispanics.  The cries about “anti-Semitism” indicate that the Jews are playing a major role in creation of this internecine American conflict.  

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