Jews, Other Minorities, and the Confederacy
No Jews signed the Declaration of Independence or participated in the Constitutional convention. Jews had no stake in the founding of the United States.  Most have been here only one or two generations.  According to, no signers of the Declaration of Independence were Jews. According to, none of the signers of any of the documents creating the United States -- the Declaration of Independence, the Articles of Confederation, or the Constitution -- were Jews.  Jews might say this is because they were discriminated against, but more likely there were not enough Jews in the colonies to gain the popular support to attend any of these meetings.  Ironically the first Jew to gain cabinet rank in North America was Judah Benjamin, who was Secretary of State of the Confederacy during the Civil War.  Two Jews, a Senator and a Representative, were elected to the US Congress in 1845, according to Wikipedia.  

Ethnic Germans and Poles came to the US in the 1800s and early 1900s, much earlier than ethnic Jews from the same countries. There have always been Jews in America, but in relatively small numbers until the last century, when many left their ancestral homes for the US because of World War II.  They came not because they loved America but because they were driven out of the countries where they had lived for hundreds of years.  They arrived in the US as refugees, not as emigrants seeking political or religious freedom.  A later influx came from the Soviet Union in the 1970s as a result of the Jackson-Vanik amendment pressuring the Soviet Union to loosen restrictions on Jewish emigration.  This group did leave by choice, rather than being physically driven out by war.  

Because they did not play a major role in the founding of the US or in its early days, I worry that Jews are not as committed to continuing to rely on the the Constitution as the cornerstone on which the country is founded.  It’s even more understandable that blacks would not be committed to a document that enshrined their status as slaves in the 18th and 19th centuries.  Similarly, most hispanics come from Mexico or Central America for economic reasons, or because they were in danger of being killed by drug cartels in their home countries.  As late comers, who came not for political or religious reasons, they have relatively little commitment to the American system of government.  

They may think they have a better idea, but if so, it probably means another revolution, another uprising against the established government, like America’s 1776 Revolutionary War, or the Civil War.  I see this revolution coming from the left, while the media sees it coming from the right in the form of “White Nationalists.” I don’t consider myself a white nationalist, but I don’t want a leftist revolution.  As such I consider myself more like a Loyalist who favored remaining in the British Empire during the American Revolution.  I perceive Jews, blacks and Hispanics as those on the left who are fomenting rebellion.  I see the Jews as the brains of the rebellion, and the blacks and hispanics as the brawn.  I think they thought they were taking over peacefully during the last election by installing Hillary Clinton as President.  Trump’s election was an enormous blow to plans that had been in operation for many years.  Ironically, it was Reagan who legalized the massive influx of Hispanics with his Immigration Reform and Control Act of 1986, which granted legal status to almost all illegal aliens who had entered the US prior to 1982.  The burgeoning Hispanic population became a strong base for the Democratic Party in future elections.  USA Today reported that about 27 million hispanics were eligible to vote in 2016.  

A Brookings report shows that between 2004 and 2016 the percentage of Hispanics eligible to vote increased from 8.2 percent to 11.9 percent.  The percentage of blacks eligible to vote increased only slightly, from 11.6 percent to 12.3 percent.  The percentage of whites eligible to vote shrank from 75.2 percent to 68.9 percent.  However, in 2016 minorities voted in lower percentages than whites; otherwise Hillary would almost certainly have won the election.  The Democratic strategy, which I believe was masterminded by Jews, failed in 2016, but is less likely to fail in the future.  Currently they may have to decide whether they prefer to impeach Trump, or to build wider support among the electorate, although they are trying to do both.  

Either impeachment or the election of radical leftists would probably lead to major changes in our system of government, equivalent to some sort of revolution.  

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