Trump Shares Intel with Russians, Jeff Bezos Sides with Terrorists against Trump
The commentariat has gone crazy screaming about Trump’s disclosing some intelligence information to the Russians at a meeting in the oval office, first reported by the Washington Post.  Trump may have inadvertently disclosed this information, whatever it was about ISIS bombs, but whoever leaked his faux pas to the Washington Post did much more damage than Trump did.  There is no indication that Trump told the Russians his same intel source was reporting on Syria, but the Washington Post did.  The Washington Post headline could have read, “America has a source in ISIS and Syria, kill it.”  Whoever leaked it clearly was more interested in damaging Trump than protecting the source.  It’s sad that this unpatriotic source is so deeply involved in intelligence matters.  It’s time for major firings in the intelligence community, which has gone rogue.  From the Post story, it seems likely that the source is connected to Tom Bossert, who called CIA and NSA after the meeting. 

America frequently shares intelligence information with other countries.  It has now come out that the source of the intelligence was Israel.  Since it seems unlikely that there is a Jewish mole inside ISIS, it seems more like that the information is acquired by some technical means.  It may be that CIA or NSA, or whoever was responsible this source in the US, did not give permission to disclose the information to the Russians, but putting it on the front page of the Post did much more damage than Trump’s disclosure.  First, the Russians may not have been aware that this was sensitive information, and may not have paid much attention to it.  They may have thought that the Americans have many sources in ISIS, and thus would not have thought this information pointed to only one source.  Finally, the Russians may have honored the confidentiality of the discussion they had with Trump and may not have ordered Russian agents to destroy this now-marked ISUS source.  But thanks to Jeff Bezos and the Washington Post, everybody, including ISIS knows about it.  However, the real villain is whoever leaked the information to the Post.  It is someone who is willing to sacrifice an intelligence source in order to help bring down Donald Trump. 

This Post’s intelligence community source probably thinks he is doing God’s work, but I don’t think rebellion within the government is the way to go.  The effort to bring Trump down should stick to legal methods.  It’s basically up to Congress to bring articles of impeachment, or the administration’s cabinet to declare him mentally or physically unable to perform his job as President.  In addition, this open rebellion and disloyalty by the intelligence community adds to public confusion about what’s going on in Washington. 

Watching CNN’s Brooke Baldwin interview Amb. Tom Pickering about this was amusing.  She said to Pickering (who was Ambassador to Russia) something like, “You’ve been a room with Russians before,” as if that were something extremely dangerous.  Pickering laughed and replied something like, “I’ve spent days in rooms with Russians.”  Baldwin’s fear of Russians was palpable, as if you could die by touching one.  This baseless fear seems to have infected much of the media.  I hope the American military is not as afraid of the Russians as much as the media is.  Russians are not mentally and physically indestructible giants, but American cowardice. Like Baldwin’s, will make them look like that. 

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