French Election Shows Failure of US Democrats in 2016
In 2016 Obama and the Democrats thought they could elect the first woman President to replace the first black President.  It was too much hubris.  Hillary was not a good candidate; the Democratic party was out of touch with America.  Biden would have won easily, although maybe he really didn't want to be President.  I don't know whether Obama chose Hillary to create another first with a woman President, or whether Biden really did not want to be President.  In any case the Democrats failed badly, just illustrated yesterday by the French election where Macron, the moderate, won easily.  That could have been Biden, but probably not Vice Presidential candidate Tim Kaine, who is a colorless empty suit.

The Democrats were in a much better position in 2016 than Macron was in France in 2017, but they did not take advantage of their position, losing to an upstart, Trump.  The new book Shattered apparently chronicles Hillary's disastrous campaign.

Jews were extremely influential in both campaigns.  Macron's financial career was with the Jewish bank Rothschild; so, he has a strong, obvious connection to the wealthy Jewish establishment.  The Clintons worked on establishing their own ties to the Jewish community.  Of course, Chelsea Clinton, like Ivanka Trump, is married to a Jew.  One of President Bill Clinton's most notorious acts (of many) was the last minute pardon of Marc Rich, a wealthy Jew.  This pardon was just parodied last night on the HBO show Veep, where former President Meyer tries to get political donations from a boorish, wealthy Jew, Sherman Tanz, whom she pardoned in a previous episode.  It's doubly pointed because Meyer is played by Julia Louis-Dreyfus, who has one of the most famous Jewish names in France, Dreyfus.  Is this art imitating life, or life imitating art?

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