Jews for Ossoff
I find it sad but typical that the Jewish media has united in support of one of the members of its tribe, Jon Ossoff, a Democrat running to replace Representative Price in Georgia's 6th congressional district.  According to almost all media accounts, Ossoff is the leading candidate, the smartest and handsomest of the many candidates running in this preliminary election.  I don't understand this election; it appears to be sort of a joint primary to eliminate a few of the almost twenty candidates from both parties who are running. Ossoff has reportedly received over $8 million in campaign donations, most of them from out of state, no doubt much of it from liberal Jews who hate Trump.

The Jewish media and political establishment (who backed Hillary) have latched on to Ossoff as the great Jewish hope to begin the overthrow of Trump.  They are powerful, but failed to elected Hillary.  Will they be more successful in Georgia?

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