Jewish Cemeteries and Community Centers
All the hype over the desecration of Jewish cemeteries and threatening phone calls to Jewish community centers is overblown.  The incidents were reported widely and frequently, on ABC, CNN, the Washington Post, and the New York Times.  Confederate cemeteries are frequently vandalized, perhaps not as extensively as the St. Louis Jewish cemetery, but nevertheless vandalizing Confederate cemeteries is a somewhat frequent occurrence.  Regarding the Jewish Community Centers, if it is nothing more than telephone threats, it may be no more than some unhappy teenager who can probably find phone numbers for these centers on the Internet and call them from some phone that is not easily traceable.  It’s possible that it’s more serious, but probably not.  With this many phone calls, the FBI or some police department should be able to trace them down.  

These kinds of things happen frequently, it’s just that the Jews are experts at making a Federal case out of them. There have probably been more physical acts of violence against white people recently than Jews.  In most cases the blacks or Hispanics attacking the whites say that the whites provoked it, but how the incidents actually started is often unclear.  They are often caused by a verbal insult, and then a physical overreaction that often includes vandalism.  

There should be no threats or vandalism against any race, but also minor incidents don’t deserve press play as if they were the beginning Kristallnacht in Germany.  

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