Jewish Anti-Trump Op-Eds in NYT
On inauguration day the Friday op-ed page for the New York Times contained four articles that were viciously anti-Trump, all of which were written by Jews.  David Brooks’ “The Internal Invasion” is about how Trump lives in a rude, chaotic gemeinschaft world, where everything is personal, while good people live in a pleasant, sophisticated gesellschaft world, everything is impersonal and rule-based.  Paul Krugman’s “Donald the Unready” is about how ignorant and unsophisticated Trump and his cabinet choices are.  “So the typical Trump nominee, in everything from economics to diplomacy to national security, is ethically challenged, ignorant about the area of policy he or she is supposed to manage and deeply incurious.”   Robert Dallek’s “Obama Shouldn’t Go Quietly” is about how after leaving office, Obama must continue to attack Trump.  Finally, Lori Adelman’s “What the Women’s March Teaches Us” is about how women of all colors must support the Democratic Party.  The lead editorial of the NYT, which is mainly controlled by Jews, is equally critical of Mr. Trump for failing to smoothe the divisions from the election with gentle, healing words.  

I find it somewhat mystifying that Jews are so united in their hatred of President Trump.  Of course, there are some who are not, starting with his son-in-law Jared Kushner, and some of his cabinet nominees ,such as Steve Mnuchin, but they are the exception.  Even more mystifying is that Republican Jews are critical of Trump, such as William Kristol and Dan Senor.  They are among the Jews who pushed President Bush II to go to war with Iraq and provided him with propaganda in support of the war.  

I don’t understand Trump’s relationship to the Jewish community in New York.  Trump succeeded in high-end Manhattan real estate, competing against some of the smartest Jews in the world on their home turf.  Jared Kushner’s father was one of those Jews, but he ended up in jail, convicted of political corruption by Chris Christie.  Now Trump is President and Jared is one of his main advisers.  How did that happen?  This is something the New York Times could throw some light on, but so far I haven’t seen anything about Trump and the Jews of New York, which of course includes Senator Chuck Schumer, with whom he seems to have some sort of connection.  

In the elections, New York Jews seemed almost universally to support Hillary Clinton, who is neither Jewish nor a native New Yorker, over Trump, who is a native, and Bernie Sanders, who is Jewish.  Hillary seemed to be the candidate of the Jews, which may help explain why they are in such a twit over Trump, but why did they support her over the other choices?  The Clintons have certainly worked on winning over the Jewish community, starting with appointing Robert Rubin as Secretary of Treasury (as Trump has nominated Mnuchin), ending Glass-Steagall, and pardoning Marc Rich.  I’m sure Bill and Hillary have worked on the Jewish vote since Bill left office, which probably facilitated Hillary’s election to the Senate.  

Do New York Jews fear Trump because he beat them in the world of New York real estate?  Most Jews tend to be liberal, perhaps because they mostly came from Russia and Eastern Europe, but there are also some outspoken conservative Jews who also oppose him.  I don’t get it, but the Jewish race seems to have some innate racial hatred of Trump.  Perhaps they see him as a potential new Hitler who would threaten the Jews.  Or they may be acting out the old Jewish traits portrayed in the New Testament, when the rabbis killed Jesus because he threatened their position and power within the Roman state.  American Jews may have thought they were in position to take power in the United States as the power behind the throne if Hillary had been elected.  Now they see Trump as a threat to their position and power as the rabbis did 2,000 years ago.  It’s far fetched, but something is going on.  I hope that Trump can stand up to the withering attack that the Jews have launched against him.  

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