Banning Criticism of Israel on Campus
The Wall Street Journal has called attention to a Senate bill that would restrict speech about Israel in educational institutions.  According to the article:
The legislation, proposed by Sens. Bob Casey (D., Penn.) and Tim Scott (R., S.C.), would require the Education Department, when deciding whether to investigate incidents on campus, to consider the State Department’s definition of anti-Semitism. This definition includes “rhetorical” manifestations, such as speech to “demonize Israel,” “delegitimize Israel,” or apply a “double standard for Israel.”  
 It seems likely that this law would violate the First Amendment.  Hopefully this bill will never become law.  If it does it will probably be declared unconstitutional by the Supreme Court.  It would be a shame to put the educational community through the turmoil the various legal cases would create.  Hopefully the bill will die without becoming law.

In any case I am disappointed to learn the State Department definition of anti-Semitism.  Apparently it believes that Israel is superior to any other country.  We have no similar policy protecting Canada, France, Japan pr any other country. The State Department seems to be protecting Jewish racial purity.  How the world and America have changed since World War II!  Apparently American policy is that the Jewish race is superior to all others, and all universities must promote this policy under penalty of law.

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