Racist Attacks on Trump
I am tired of hearing about how everybody associated with the Trump transition is racist.  Steve Bannon gets no credit for helping Trump win the election, because Jewish papers and websites are too busy calling him a racist.  Ditto for Senator Jeff Sessions.  Ad hominem attacks are what people use when they don’t have any substantive criticism of them.  These scurrilous, hateful attacks emanate from despicable lowlifes who have access to scandal sheets like the New York Times and the Huffington Post.  The New York Times clearly sold its soul to Hillary Clinton and is left soulless and bitter, stewing in its hatred of President-elect Trump and his supporters.  This is sad because the Times has been, and I hope will again become, a great newspaper.  

I must admit that I don’t understand Jews’ relationship; with Donald Trump.  There is no more Jewish profession than real estate in New York City, except maybe for working at Goldman Sachs.  Somehow Trump as a gentile flourished in an environment dominated by Jews.  His daughter, Ivanka, married a Jew whose father, Charles Kushner, was a real estate competitor with Trump, and Ivanka converted to Judaism.  Her husband, Jared Kushner, has emerged as one of Trump’s most influential advisers, although his father, Charles, was convicted by Chris Christie of political corruption.  

The rich, elite, establishment Jews supported Hillary, while many other Jews, like Bernie Sanders, opposed the elite establishment, represented by Goldman Sachs.  Where does Jared Kushner fit in this spectrum?  I don’t know.  So far, he seems to be in the real Trump camp, which puts him closer to Sander than to Goldman Sachs.  It looks like Jared has spent his career in real estate, unlike Hillary Clinton’s Jewish son-in-law, Marc Mezvinsky,, who worked for Goldman Sachs.  

Because wealthy, New York Jews are so much a part of the elite establishment, it may be hard for Jared to sort through candidates for top positions.  Jewish billionaire Carl Icahn has been a Trump supporter, but so far is not discussed as a possible member of Trump’s administration.  At the moment Jamie Dimon of Morgan Stanley, who is Greek not Jewish, is being discussed as Treasury Secretary; however, Dimon lives in a Jewish world.  His mentor and patron, Sandy Weill, is Jewish, and Dimon’s wife is Jewish.  

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