Hillary and Sexual Preditors
The media and Hillary Clinton’s campaign were outraged when FBI Director Comey said the FBI was looking at emails found on Anthony Weiner’s laptop that came from Hillary’s private server while she was at the State Department.  No one seems to be concerned that emails she sent while Secretary of State ended up up on a computer that an adult reportedly used to send sexting messages to an underage girl.  What does this say about Hillary’s friends and associates?  

Hillary seems to be an enabler for at least two sexual preditors, her husband Bill and Anthony Weiner.  In addition she, Obama, and the Democratic Party support the idea that dirty old men should be allowed to go to the bathroom with little girls as long as the dirty old men say they think of themselves as girls.  

I don’t buy this whole sexual identity thing.  If some crazy man says he thinks he is God, do we act as if he is God and worship him?  What is the difference if a crazy man says he thinks he is a woman?  The first man is not God, and the second man is not a woman.  They both have severe mental problems.  In the first case we put the man in an asylum, in the second we say let that crazy old man do whatever he wants with little girls.  It looks like your average psychiatrist is a sex pervert, but one who agrees with Hillary.  

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