Jewish Fed
My main concern about Jews in America is Jewish domination of the Federal Reserve Bank, the Fed.  Four Jews have been chairs of the Fed for over thirty years.  I am mainly concerned about two of them.  I think Paul Volker and Ben Bernanke were good, fair chairmen.  Volker got a bad financial situation involving inflation and high interest rates under control.  Bernanke engineered a brilliant response to the Great Recession with Treasury Secretary Hank Paulson.  I am less enthusiastic and less trusting of Alan Greenspan and the current chairwoman Janet Yellen.  Greenspan steered the Fed through the 1987 stock market crash and through the 9/11 attacks on Wall Street. But I think America started to change significantly under Greenspan’s tenure. While I want to give Betnanke the benefit of the doubt, income inequality became worse during his term. America has seen a significant rise to dominance of Jews during this period. It may be that they are just smarter, harder working, better businessmen or better gamblers, or there may be some. Nefarious reason for their rise.

While many Jews are not religious, it no doubt helps their self-confidence to grow with a history of being God’s chosen people. On the other hand, they are accused of killing their own Messiah. Because of discrimination against them they tend to band together as a tribe. But once bound together they argue incessantly. Although the vast majority of successful Jews support Hillary Clinton, a Christian, her main Democratic opponent, Bernie Sanders, was a Jew. Bernie argued strongly against income inequality, which had made many of his fellow Jews fantastically wealthy. I side with Bernie against income inequality.

On Friday, Bloomberg interviewed Bill Gross, who said that the Fed has been a slave to financial markets, rather than the GDP for 10, 20 or 30 years, i.e., the period Jews have headed the Fed.  Since Jews predominate in the financial community and white folks predominate in the ordinary labor economy, Gross essentially says the Fed has favored Jews over white people ever since Jews have been in control of the Fed.  

The other side of this issue, however, is the failure of the Congress and the administration to take any fiscal measures to improve the economy.  The white Republican Congress has put the whole burden of recovering from the Great Recession on the Fed.  This is a total failure of leadership.  The main difference is that Congress has failed to act on policy grounds, while the Fed’s decisions have been to some extent racist.  But the Republican leadership of Congress is certainly not morally unsullied.  They are just motivated by different biases than the Fed.  They are biased for whites and against blacks and Hispanics, while the Fed is biased in favor of Jews and against other races.   

Of course the Fed chair does not run the Fed’s Open Market Committee which votes on interest rates, but the chair and the vice-chair, both of whom are Jewish, have more influence over the vote than the other members.  I think CNBC today interviewed Dallas Fed Bank head Robert Kaplan, whom a website called NNDB says is a trustee of the Jewish Theological Seminary and the Jewish Museum of New York, as well a long time veteran of Goldman Sachs ; so, he also appears to be Jewish.  

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