Network – The Trump Movie
Anybody who wonders where Donald Trump’s support comes from should watch the movie “Network.”  The best known scene is when the lead character Howard Beale, a TV news anchor, has much of America screaming, “I’m mad as hell, and I’m not going to take this anymore.” This could be the theme of Trûmp’s campaign.

In the movie, Beale is thought to be having  mental breakdown, although he sees it as telling the truth on TV.  He has such power and appeal to the masses, because, like Trump, he has access to the airwaves.  His network uses his followers to build ratings until he rants against a huge media merger involving his network, much like the AT&T-Time Warner merger announced today, except that the buyer in the movie is a Saudi Arabian corporation.  The senior American involved in the deal persuades Howard to stop ranting against the corruption of American business and government and to support the merger because big business is good for America.  As Howard praises big business, his rating drop, and his bosses finally have him killed to get is low-rated show off the air.  

The media is responsible for Trump’s rise to the Republican nomination, because his candidacy has been good for ratings, mainly for cable news, but for mainstream networks as well.  On one hand the cable networks show Trump almost 24/7 because he drives up ratings.  On the other hand, their commentators spend hours railing against him as a politician and as a human being, filling the airwaves with invective, much like the bullying insults filling Twitter and Facebook.  Respected commentators like Wolf Blitzer, Andrea Mitchell, Charlie Rose, Joe Scarborough, and many others boil with righteous indignation against Trump, all the while driving up their ratings and putting money in their pockets.  While it often appears to be Jewish racial hatred against Trump for some reason, it may be just the establishment railing against the anti-establishment Trump, and it appears so because the American “establishment” is dominated by Jews.  (See Haim Saban on the cover of Businessweek.)

When Trump says the election is “rigged,” maybe he means it is rigged by the biased press, and maybe by the press he means Jews, who control much of the press -- TV, print, and online.  Clearly, redistricting Congressional districts by gerrymandering to make certain districts white, others black or Hispanic, and so on, are examples of rigged elections.  Blacks always rail against voting restrictions in the South, but the Jewish establishment does not accuse them of undermining democracy as it does Trump.  Why is it that liberal, Jewish, establishment attacks on “rigged” elections in the South promote democracy, but Trump’s attacks on “rigged” elections in other regions jeopardize democracy?  Only the liberat, bigoted, Jewish, establishment press can answer that question.  Could it be that they hate and want to destroy the conservative, redneck whites in the South?    It’s clear that elitist Hillary never cared for the whites in Arkansas, even when she was first lady, although her glad-handing husband Bill pretty much likes everybody, at least outwardly.  

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