Hillary in Arkansas
I don’t think Hillary Clinton and Arkansans liked each other very much when she was first lady of Arkansas, and now that’s probably more true since she has found her true soulmates in New York, where she became their senator.   This article in the Atlanticillustrates the lack of love between her and many Arkansans.  It says:

 “People don’t really think of her as being from here. Not anymore.”

A generation after she left Arkansas, Arkansas seems to have left Clinton. No knock against the state’s former first lady: Time marches on and so has she.

If anything, the article understates her alienation because the author talked to some of her friends, who would clearly remember her more favorably than the average man in the street.  One of the interviewees who remembers her favorably is Ron Lanoue.  The article says:

Ron Lanoue is a Jew from Rhode Island who moved to Arkansas in 1972 and remembers being told, “You can stay here as long as you like, but you’ll never be considered a native of Arkansas.” He later became state chairman of the National Conference of Christians and Jews, and a supporter of both Clintons. “People like her and me,” he said with an emphatic pause, “outsiders.” 

It’s interesting that one of her supporters in Arkansas was Jewish, because she is clearly the candidate of the liberal Jewish community.  Her comments about Trump’s supporters being “deplorables” was made at a fundraiser hosted by Barbara Streisand, who is Jewish. 

Hillary is clearly better connected and more compatible with New York and Hollywood Jews than with rednecks in Arkansas or any other Southern state.  Real Clear Politics reports that a June 2016 poll in Arkansas found that 47% supported Trump and 36% supported Clinton.  Not a great showing for Arkansas’ former first lady! 

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