Hillary’s Jewish Fundraising
Today’s New York Times article on Hillary Clinton’s fund raising among the ultrarich raises questions for me about her ties to Jews.  Almost every name mentioned in the article, except for the entertainers, is Jewish.  They included Calvin Klein and Harvey Weinstein to start.  It then quoted “prominent New York Democrat” Jay Jacobs.  “A Democratic donor in Florida,” Mitchell Berger, said fund raising for Hillary was “like going to a wedding or a bar mitzvah.”  The entry price for Haim Saban’s fundraiser was $100,000, the same price as Lady Lynn Forester de Rothschild’s fundraising dinner.  The article says the Clinton’s stayed in Steven Spielberg’s Hampton guesthouse.  One name near the end that I wasn’t sure was Jewish was Ken Sunshine, but his Wikipedia entrystarts out, “Sunshine grew up in a Jewish family on Long Island.”  

Just as Bill Clinton was known as the first black President, despite being white, Hillary may be known as the first Jewish President, despite being gentile.  Then, just as Bill opened the way for Barak Obama to become President a few years later, Hillary may open the way for a real Jew to become President in a few years.  In any case it’s clear that her administration will be full of Jewish cabinet members and senior appointees.  John Kerry might be able to stay on at State, since he is half Jewish, as well as Jack Lew at Treasury, and maybe a few more.  

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