The Battle of the Grieving Parents
Donald Trump has completely blown his interaction with the Kahn family, which criticized him at the DNC.  Since Mrs. Kahn did not say anything, it was pretty clear that she was there only to show the headscarf and silenly imply that the Democratic Party supports Muslim women.  When asked why she did not speak, she said that seeing images of her dead son was so distrubing that she could not speak.  If that is the case, Hillary’s DNC forced her to deal with the death of her son, in a way which iwas hard for her.  It was a cruel thing for the DNC to do, but it worked on Donald.  He took the bait, hook, line and sinker.  This was a cynical use of a mourning Muslim worman, but Hillary gets no criticism for it, because Trump, by attacking the gold star family has made the whole issue about him, not about Hillary.  

It may be that the Kahns were the DNC’s response to the RNC’s use of Patricia Smith, the grieving mother of one of the Benghazi victims, as the Washington Examiner noted.  If that is the case, the DNC got much more mileage out of its grieving parents than the RNC did.  Interestingly, Patricia Smith said that Hillary Clinton lied to her when they met.  Normally I would be inclined to believe that the Secretary of State would be more believable than a grieving mother who may not have been completely focused during their conversation.  But we know that Hillary lied to Chris Wallace on Fox News Sunday about what James Comey, the head of the FBI, said publicly about her use of the private email server that she should not have used as Secretary.   If she would lie on TV about something that is on the public record, she might certainly have lied about a private conversation, but that question has never come up, certainly not to the extent that Trump’s remarks about the Kahns have been covered by the media.  

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