Orlando vs Charleston
Today a caller to Rush Limbaugh was concerned about an issue that has also bothered me in light of Obama’s response to the Orlando shootings.  When the Obama administration first released the 911 transcripts of the 911 calls from the Pulse nightclub in Orlando, they redacted anything referring to ISIS or terror or Islam.  Clearly they were trying to downplay any “radical Islamist” connection to the murders.  They were trying to say that the incident was about sex, the availability of guns, or mental instability.  Mateen’s being a Muslim and pledging allegiance to Islam and the Islamic state was redacted as being unimportant.  Attorney General Lynch was saying, Mateen thought he was killing people because he was a Muslim and a terrorist, but we know it was because he was a repressed gay man who couldn’t deal with his feelings; he masked his homosexuality by falsely claiming to be a terrorist.  His statements are worthless; we know what his real motive was.  A Muslim would never do this; it is against the Koran. 

On the other hand Dylan Roof’s murder of nine black women in a church in Charleston was quickly imputed to sully all Southern white people who still had respect for their ancestors killed in the Civil War.  Both men clearly had serious mental problems evidenced simply by the acts they performed, but in Mateen’s case Obama quickly blamed the mental issue, as opposed to outside Muslim terrorist influences, while in Roof’s case he quickly blamed the outside influence of the Confederate flag.  To Obama, Mateen was a mental case, but Roof was a white racist murderer.  What Roof did was not something that he would have gotten from Southern history.  With some exceptions, whites did not kill their black slaves, who were valuable property.  Most whites then would have respected a church and would not have committed a heinous crime in a church.  Whites, especially well-off slave owners prided themselves on being gentlemen, who would have adhered to strict moral code in all of their dealings.  So, Roof’s specific act was not in any way prefigured by the normal conduct of the antebellum South.  Yet, the black community spurred many in government to tar the whole white race, antebellum and current, with approving of Roof’s conduct

Obama is a racist, but so were Richard Nixon, Lyndon Johnson, Thomas Jefferson, George Washington, and many other Presidents.  But now the racism is spread among many races, not just whties.  Blacks hate whites.  Hispanics dislike whites, but probably not to the extent the blacks do.  Asians and Jews see themselves as superior to all the other races in America.  Blacks feel no particular loyalty to a government that brought them here as slaves.  Hispanics came here for money or to escape murder in their home countries; they have no particular loyalty to the form of government established by the “founding fathers,” who have fallen into general disrepute today. 

In the last generation or two, there has been a huge influx of immigrants, and blacks have gained much more political power.  The result is that America today looks very different from the way it looked after World War II, which was probably the peak of its greatness.  It’s downhill from here.  Fortunately, we are starting from a strong position from which to decline.  And I may be wrong.  All the pro-immigration people say immigrants make a country better and stronger.  I think that depends on the immigrants.  Maybe not.  Maybe America has some magic way of turning immigrant lead into gold, but transmutation didn’t work in the Middle Ages, and I doubt it will work today.  

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