Mitch Daniels Is Not the Answer
George Will has a new Republican candidate for President, Mitch Daniels, whom he touts in his Washington Post column.  He’s a little late.  Bill Kristol’s candidate, David French, isn’t going to be President either.  Nobody likes Trump, and almost nobody, except the black community, likes Hillary.  The black community sees Hillary as the third black President, after Bill and Barak, and supports her almost unanimously.  Hillary’s appeal to “minority” blacks, Hispanics, and women leaves pretty much only white men as possible supporters for her opponent, Trump.  Enter Mitch Daniels. 

Will’s candidate, Daniels, is a traditional Republican, who favors hard work, etc.  Will does not address what is one of the most pressing current problems, income inequality.  Will is rich and likes it; his column drips contempt for anybody who is not as rich as he and Daniels are.  If you are not rich, you are trash to them. 

Trump has more empathy for the common man than George Will or Mitch Daniels do.  Mitt Romney was unapologetically rich.  He shared Will’s contempt for people who are not rich, expressed in his infamous talk rich donors.  Will can’t understand why Romney wasn’t elected four years ago.  So, now he will push Mitch Daniels.  Can he win if he campaigns as an elitist who hates the middle class?  I don’t think so.  He and Will make Trump look like a political genius.  

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