Hillary’s AIPAC Speech
Hillary’s militaristic, fawning speech to AIPAC demonstrates that she has joined Sammy Davis, Junior, as one of those rare people, a black Jew.  As she bids to become the third black President, after Bill and Barak, she now adds her credentials as a Jew who will defend Israel at any cost to the United States.  She believes Israel’s survival is more important that America’s.  This is a major break from Obama’s foreign policy, which tried to deal with Israel on equal terms, only to be lectured publicly by Netanyahu that Israel must be America’s highest priority.  Hillary’s view of Israel is shared by most of the Republican party, which invited Netanyahu to address the US Congress to rebuke Obama’s attempt to block Iran’s nuclear program.  The Republicans and the Jews are both consumed with a desire to shed Arab blood, particularly Iranian blood.  They were very disappointed that Obama would not approve a joint US-Israeli military strike on Iran.  Hillary shares their bloodlust.  She is the matron of death. 

Obama properly believes that America’s future lies in its relations with Asia, but for Jews the important region is the Middle East because of Israel.  Hillary’s policies are dictated by the rich Jews of Wall Street.  Ironically, Bill Clinton ended his term by pardoning a rich Wall Street Jew, Marc Rich.  The Clintons have been paid back handsomely by the Jewish community through the Clinton Global Initiative for what they did during Bill’s term, and for what Hillary will do during hers, if she is given a chance.  Hillary will use her Wall Street Jew money to buy black votes.  Bernie Sanders’ voters seem to indicate that Hillary does not have the Hispanic vote tied up like she does the African-American vote. 

While I have deep worries that Hillary would be willing to subjugate America’s interests to Israel’s for money, there are things I don’t understand.  In a recent New York Times, there was a full page ad attacking Hillary for her reliance on Sidney Blumenthal as an adviser.  It said “Hillary Clinton must disavow her anti-Israel advisors,” but Sidney Blumenthal is Jewish.  According to Mondoweiss, this is because Sidney’s son Max has written a book called Goliath, which is very critical of “Israel’s militant rightwing political culture.”  Mondoweiss says the ad was paid for by Shmuley Boteach, who was probably funded by Sheldon Adelson.  Mondoweiss, which is critical of the Times coverage of Israeli issues, implies that the Times treatment of this ad and the Goliath book, may raise questions of editorial integrity.  Sidney Blumenthal’s name has come up repeatedly in the much discussed Clinton emails; he was certainly a close advisor, whether pro- or anti-Israel. 

Hillary’s obsequious speech to AIPAC and her reception by the AIPAC crowd certainly showed no anti-Israel bias that I could discern.  I am willing to defend Israel, but I want to know how far America should go in defending Israel.  Show America be willing to destroy itself in order to defend Israel, e.g., by risking a nuclear attack from one of Israel’s enemies?  Already we give Israel billions of dollars in “aid,” and give or sell it the most advanced military weapons and equipment that we will give to no other country outside of NATO.  Must we do more? 

Hillary mentioned the Arrow missile, which was a problem for me when I was at the State Department.  The Arrow is an anti-missile missile.  It is much more sophisticated that the much vaunted Iron Dome.  The Iron Dome is remarkable in being able to shoot down tactical, relatively short-range missiles, but it cannot stop large, long-range, strategic or intermediate-range missiles which fly at much faster speeds.  The intent of the Arrow is to shoot down those larger, harder-to-stop missiles, but back then there was always a question whether it violated the Anti-Ballistic Missile Treaty.  There was always a lot of hemming and hawing, legal nit-picking to justify America’s role in the Arrow program.  Since Israel was not a party to the ABM treaty, there was no problem for Israel.  After I left, George W. Bush solved this problem by abrogating the ABM treaty, so that we were no longer a party either.  Thus, there is now no legal question whether we can cooperate with Israel on the Arrow missile, and Hillary loves it. 

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