Bernie Sanders Versus the Jews Who Run Wall Street
 Bernie Sanders’ America ad is great.  I have no doubt about Bernie’s loyalty to America, unlike some Jews, who I think may be more loyal to Israel than to America.  One person I suspect of this is Senator Chuck Schumer of New York; another is Mayor Raum Emanuel, who served in the Israeli military, rather than the American military.  They may be okay, but many Jews, and others, including most Christian evangelical politicians, seem to view Israel more as a 51st state rather than a foreign country.  Although Netanyahu’s speech to Congress was orchestrated by the Israeli embassy, the main proponents in Congress were Christian Republicans, led by Speaker John Boehner. 

Just a thought…  Did John Boehner do a favor for rich Jews by leading the campaign for Netanyahu’s speech to earn a good post-politics job, just as Clinton did a favor for rich Jews by pardoning Mark Rich as one of the last acts of his administration?  They both wanted to make sure that there would be some rich, well connected Jews waiting to take care of them when they left office.  The Clintons went the extra mile when they encouraged Chelsea to marry a Jew, assuring that their grandchildren (like Donald Trump’s) would be Jewish.  Bill Clinton’s main contribution to Jewish interests was probably the elimination of the Glass-Steagall controls on banking at the urging of his Jewish Secretary of the Treasury, Robert Rubin, which inspired the huge financial speculation by big New York banks that led to the 2008 Great Recession. 

I don’t see any of this divided loyalty between Israel and the US in Bernie Sanders.  He is American; he can’t help it that his parents were Jewish.  But his candidacy means that Jews increasingly dominate American life, not just in politics, but in business, media, art, and many other areas.  Hanukah increasingly shares the Christmas holiday, even as Christmas becomes less religious and more commercial.  Bagels have become standard breakfast fare.  So, you find Bernie leading the inequality fight against the super wealthy, a disproportionate number of whom are Jewish.  Jews lead both sides of the inequality fight. 

Of course, Bernie’s alter ego on the inequality issue is Elizabeth Warren, not a Jew.  I would like to know more about why President Obama refused to name her to head the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau.  I think Obama did it under pressure to please Jamie Dimon (a gentile) and many of the leading Jews on Wall Street, who opposed her strenuously.  Their opposition to her is a virtual admission that a big share of banking profits comes from cheating ordinary citizens out of their money.  Warren’s election as Senator was a clear rebuke to Obama’s cowardice and corruption vis-à-vis the bankers.  I wish that Warren were not so quiet now, but I guess maybe she just wanted to do good for ordinary people.  She really just wanted to head of the bureau she created, and she only became Senator because she was denied that.  Maybe she sees her job as being a good Senator for the people of her state, unlike Cruz and Rubio. 

I don’t know whether it’s better to have a Jewish Bernie Sanders running against the New York Jewish banking interests, or a gentile Elizabeth Warren, which might appear to be partly an ethnic conflict.  In any case, I’m glad Bernie is there, and that he doesn’t appear to be concerned about his Jewish ancestry, which he does not run from.  He basically says, “I’m Jewish, but so what?”  We need more politicians like him and fewer Jewish (and Christian) politicians who want America to kill Muslims for Israel, as we have done in Iraq and Afghanistan, as well as in other countries.  The invitation to Netanyahu to speak to Congress was basically the Republicans saying they would be happy to bomb Iran, as Senator McCain sang in his variation of the old Beach Boys song, “Bomb bomb bomb, bomb bomb Iran.” 

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