Trump or Who?
It's true that Donald Trump is sort of a bully, but at least he is my kind of bully.  He's a white Christian of western European background.  When he read from the Bible at Liberty University, despite saying "two Corinthians," he appeared to quote from the King James Version of the Bible, rather than some newfangled version.

Trump probably has mixed feelings about immigration, just as most people do.  He and I are willing to give immigrants a break, as long as they have the potential to contribute to the country and not to threaten it.  We're willing to help someone down on his luck, or who is being threatened by some joint enemy, but we are not willing to risk the survival of out country to do so.  This includes the assumption that at some point the immigrants will benefit the country productively and not just be an economic drain on it.  There is a concern that we would take a great, prosperous country and turn it over to immigrants who just want to collect the freebies, without contributing to its future.  

I tend to see the whole Muslim immigrant issue as political correctness.  If we shouldn't automatically exclude Muslims, also we shouldn't automatically include them just because they are Muslims.  If there is aquestion about whether they will benefit the US, that is a legitimate question that deserves an answer.  The only test should not be whether they need to get out of Syria, Iraq, or Afghanistan, which we have sacrificed thousands of lives and billions of dollars to make safer, more livable places.  
Ideally, we would have a good leader to be the next President.  If it is not Donald Trump, who is it?  We seem to have a group of midgets, except for Trump, Clinton, and Sanders running for Presdent.  We have no other outstanding political leaders as governors or other national political figures.  Al Gore would be a possibility, but he has been off the national stage too long.  Bernie Sanders is a good man, but he seems more like a gadfly than a national leader.  He doesn't have the charisma that we would like a President to have.  He is very strong on domestic issues, but not so much on international and security ones.  Joe Biden is better on international issues than Sanders, and he is a much more honest and decent person than Hillary Clinton, but he has taken himself out of the race.  

I worry that Trump's main appeal is his celebrity.  The US has become obsessed with celebrity, particularly with the rise of social media.  Celebrity comes with unfavorable publicity as will as with good, e.g. Bill Cosby.  There are not business or military leaders who have the aura to make them Presidential material.  The military profession has fallen into disrepute since the Vietnam War draft.  And business has become more and more corrupt as corporations and banks have become larger and larger with less restraint on the morals of their leaders.  American business is largely led by blackguards, as illustrated by the subprime mortgage crisis.  If we got someone from the business community they would probably turn out like a Warren Harding, and if we got a military man, he would probably turn out like a Ulysses Grant.  So, Trump does not have a lot of competition.  

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