Charleston Shooting and the Confederate Flag
Virtually all of the news pundits have linked the shooting of nine blacks by a young white man at the AME church in Charleston to the Confederate flag, while the same pundits have tried to delink killings by Muslims to any Muslim organization, saying Muslim killings are about the individual people, not the organization.  I argue that the same is true, perhaps more so, of the Charleston killings.  The perpetrator, Dylann Roof, appears to have had mental problems, like many of the people who have committed such mass shootings.  I think the main culprit was the mental problem, not the Confederate flag.  He apparently was more obsessed with Rhodesia than with the Confederacy; so, why did the Confederate flag become the scapegoat?  It’s just political correctness, part of Nikki Haley’s campaign for Vice President. 

The real problem is giving guns to mentally ill people like Dylann Roof.  Nobody is doing anything about that because of their fear of the NRA.  It’s easier to attack the Confederate flag than the real culprit, guns in the hands of dangerous people.  

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