Ban Gang Symbols along with the Confederate Flag
If America wants to ban the public display of the Confederate flag, it should also ban the display of gang symbols.  Many more people die because of gang violence than because of violence related to the Confederate flag.  It is unlikely that Dylann Roof was motivated to kill the nine people in the Charleston church by the Confederate flag.  If the Confederate flag did not exist, it is likely that he would have done the same thing because of other factors, mainly racial prejudice, mental problems, and easy access to a gun.  The main reason these people died is because the United States and South Carolina failed to control the access to guns by people with homicidal tendencies.  Take away the Confederate flag, these people would still have been killed.  Take away the gun, and they would still be alive.  
In America today political correctness is becoming more important than free speech.  If America is going to limit the free speech of Southern Americans by banning the display of the Confederate flag, then it should also ban the display of gang symbols.  More people were killed in one weekend in Chicago than were killed in the Charleston church, probably all related to gang violence.  Gang members shoot to kill members of rival gangs.  People with Confederate flags don't shoot people with American flags, although they did during the Civil War.  People re-enact the Civil War, but they don't kill each other.  Gang members do.  It is sad that the black and Hispanic communities just accept black on black violence and Hispanic on Hispanic violence.  There is no excuse for a white policeman to shoot an unarmed black man, but one reason it happens is that the white policemen are scared.  They see the killing that takes place among the gangs, and they don't want to get shot.  Both communities need to work together to establish greater trust and security.  One of the main beneficiaries would be the black community itself.  
One way to begin to establish trust and security would be to eliminate the signs of gang territory, if the police can't eliminate the gangs themselves.  If they are going to limit Confederate flags, they should limit gang symbols as well.  

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